It's more than! Can't think it...Fashion Week, discount ralph lauren Bread & Butter and Premium closed their doors. It have been two awesome days for me, with a lot of great people, an awesome new Set collection and a fun night at Borchardt. Have a look what has been going on at our stand at Bread & Butter, to be followed by my favourite collections...

I am so amazed at the quality of? both of the &? ? Both of these dresses are fun and have been getting great reviews from our customers here in Orlando.

We find that Sherri Hill makes fabulous as well as pageant dresses across the board. Her short styles seem to inspire other well known dress designers as we saw an increased production and designs in short dresses for prom season 2014.

The chic floral print and vibrant colors made this style one of my favorites this spring. The luscious fuchsia, orange, and yellow combination makes this outfit perfect for Easter or any special occasion taking place this spring and summer! Pair this up with a and a pair of lovely , and call it the perfect outfit to show off some style this season.

I love my bracelet polo ralph lauren online outlet , but it turned out that the inside security clasp was too loose. I would put the bracelet on, wear it for a few minutes-or seconds-and whoops, it became unhinged and fell off my wrist.

personal photo

Luckily this was a tiny, insignificant structural problem that was easy to fix. Enter a big tool in my dad's shed...

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Well, as a mother of four I would not survive a single week solely on high-heels. But I like 's boldness, her style and attitude towards life. She's her own woman - not just arm candy of today's most famous football player.

So thanks Posh Spice" for this piece of advice from the shoe department. I'll try to follow it more often. Gotta run now. In heeled biker boots.

Dear readers, polo ralph lauren sale it is been so much fun sharing my favorite things, designs, people and random thoughts with you during these past 12 months!

And I sincerely hope you enjoyed looking through this (web) window into my world, too. Stay tuned for much, much more to come ĘC from Set and me in 2014. In the meantime: Stay stylish!

Best wishes and Happy New Year's Eve


Any minute now someone will be opening their mailbox, (not their e-mail box either, their real live mail box) and they will see this:

Of course the stamps will be canceled and the address won't be blurred out (I hope!).

In case you cannot tell, this is a super-secret-bees-only-sneak-peak at our invitations-full pictures and how-to coming soon!

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